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francesca genovese

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Francesca Genovese, born in 1992 in Ticino, completed her commercial vocational training in 2010 and was awarded a prize by the canton of Ticino for her good performance in the vocational baccalaureate. 

In her youth, Francesca was a soloist at the Swiss, European and World Showdance Championships. She completed her training as a stage dancer and dance teacher at the Berufsfachschule für Bühnentanz und Tanzpädagogik in Nuremberg. She continued her education at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London and at the Broadway Dance Center in New York. Since then Francesca has worked as a dance teacher and choreographer for various national and international dance projects and institutions. 

She has performed as a dancer for Junoon Performing Arts and Hypokrit Theater Company, as well as for AATMA Performing Arts in New York and as an extra for the Zurich Opera House and the Theater Basel. She has danced in several theatres including Theatre for the New City - New York, Dehnberger Hoftheater - Dehnberg, Théâtre Equilibre - Fribourg and Théâtre du Crochetan - Monthey. She then acted as a dancer, choreographer and theatre manager in Agadir. 

In 2020, she successfully completed her Master of Arts in Dance, Teaching and Coaching Dance Professionals at the Zurich University of the Arts. Following her studies, she worked for three seasons (2020/2021 - 2022/2023) as a dance teacher for Ballett Theater Basel under the direction of Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer Richard Wherlock. 

Francesca is also an accredited movement and health promotion trainer.

She currently works as a lecturer, expert and J+S training responsible for dance.

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